I wanted to adapt a piece of existing writing for my sequence as I was interested by how I could interpret text to a visual sequence–and suggesting solutions for the text through VFX. The sequence takes an excerpt from the beginning of Philip Pullman's "The Subtle Knife" (1997) as inspiration and features several challenges for the production.
Interpreting the Text
The text features a cat that interacts with the protagonist, a magical teleportation portal and two locations, one of which is being a fictional Mediterranean town... all whilst being set at night. To get an obedient cat, I decided I would use some 3D animation, the teleportation would be created with particle and lighting effects and this would all be tied together with day-to-night shooting and accurate compositing.
Final Sequence
I ended up with a short but comprehensive sequence showing the final effects: a convincing day-to-night edit helped massively with the integration of the portal as I was able to create light fall-off more accurately just by removing the day-to-night effect slightly. Accurate rotoscoping and editing also made the portal more believable. The 3D is integrated well however I need to improve my abilities in animation. See below for the final edit:

"The Subtle Knife" VFX Sequence

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