I worked with my friends at Foxfire Theatre to help develop Lauren McFarlane's new play, “If My Granny Could Run” for web. They had been preparing to perform it live throughout the summer of 2020 but due to Covid-19, they had to think of a new way to get their story out there.
Together with Foxfire, we workshopped how best to adapt the play to be viewed on web so we decided to take a “patchwork” approach to developing the narrative. We liked the idea of using different styles to tell the story and to break up Lauren's direct-to-camera delivery of the play; we relied on animation and live action footage to do this. To boost engagement and aim for returning viewers, we decided on splitting the play into five weekly episodes.
Before production, I created a strong visual brand for the play inspired by 70s design, and this would go on to influence the graphics and animation throughout the project.
To be effective with the project budget, we worked through the script to decide on which sections would benefit most from the inclusion of motion graphics or cutaway footage. After deciding this, we worked on a per week basis, making animations, shooting b-roll and editing footage to create the next instalment.

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