Adjust / Adapt Exhibition '21
I helped to create a virtual exhibition with the Scottish Furniture Makers Association's Adjust/Adapt show at Edinburgh's Leith Theatre. (Cover image: Gabriela Silveira)
Events. Videography.
FLIPSIDE Skateboarding Documentary
A short ethnographic documentary created for my final year university project at Edinburgh Napier. FLIPSIDE gains insight from three skaters on the skateboarding scene in Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Videography. Motion Graphics.
Articulate Cultural Trust
Covering a collaborative event between Articulate Cultural Trust and The Verbatim Formula, who aim to design and improve services for care experienced young people.
Events. Videography.
Edinburgh Napier Course Overviews
Videos made to promote a variety of courses at Edinburgh Napier within the School of Computing.
Interviews. Marketing. Motion graphics.
Visual Effects Storytelling
A short sequence inspired by looking at the relationship between narrative and meaningful visual effects and how VFX can be used to compliment the story.
Visual Effects. Videography. Editing.
Milieu Skateboards Promo
Promo video to launch a concept skateboard brand selling eco-friendly skateboards.
Motion Graphics. Branding. Videography.